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24 10, 2018

Kelty Sleeping Bags

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Kelty Sleeping Bags: The Way to Sleep when Outdoors With the ever rising popularity of camping today, it really isn’t a wonder why a number of outdoor equipment types and outdoor equipment manufactures offer the market impressive selections of outdoor equipment types for one and all to use and to choose from. When talking about camping sleeping bags, which are among the many types of outdoor equipment types, Kelty Sleeping Bags boast features defining them as quality sleeping bags, the only way to sleep when outdoors. Here are some of the more popular Kelty Sleeping [...]

10 09, 2018

Sleeping Bags: Among the Most Essential of Camping Equipment

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Camping is often defined as the act of spending time outdoors, braving the elements, away from the benefits and warmth of “civilization”. As a form of recreation, it has grown over the years, bringing friends and families closer to each other, making it one of the most popular of outdoor activities in the world. Over the years, camping equipment have come into the market, giving campers the best comforts they could get while experiencing the great outdoors. “Roughing it” becomes a little less rough with the implementation of the various camping equipment available in the [...]

3 07, 2018

Mountain Equipment Xero 550 Review

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There is a somewhat lower temperature rating on the Mountain Equipment Xero 550 compared to some other bags, with it being comfortable for the average man down to -8 degrees C. It is a good size of 213cm long and 79cm shoulder width, but that results in it being somewhat heavier at 1041g compared to some bags and it doesn't include a stuffsack. Inside there is high-quality insulation that is comprised of 93 per cent down and only 7 per cent feather. The down is sourced ethically and the Mountain Equipment Down Codex programme audits [...]

3 07, 2018

Our Full Review Of The The North Face Gold Kazoo

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While the inexpensive price of the North Face Gold Kazoo is rather appealing, do not think it is lacking features of other superior models. Upon first use with one will notice that the bag fluffs quite nicely once it is unpacked and it includes trapezoidal baffles to help stabilize but down fill. In addition, this bag also includes Climashield synthetic insulation pads located on the base where your body will come into contact with the sleeping mat, which helped to minimize cold spots as well. Included is a full-length two-way zipper with a large internal [...]


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