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Four section ultra light trail pole
Good performance aluminium alloy
Trekking baskets/ mesh storage bag

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Mountain King Trail Blaze Pole (110cm) Mountain King are a British brand and as such their top quality materials and craftsmanship have been reflected in the design of these poles, which have seen use the world over in races up Mount Blanc and the Marathon Du Sables. The Mountain King Trail Blaze are the winners of ‘Best in test’ for Trail Running magazine and is among the most sought-after poles in the world because of its lightweight, durable and frankly excellent design. The Mountain King Trail Blaze are a pair of trekking poles designed for speed and racing. The poles weigh a paltry 115g so are perfect for ultralight enthusiasts. Their 4-section construction makes them easily collapsible to a size of 38 cm but also contribute to a high tensile strength when assembled. Made from lightweight 7075 aluminium alloy, these poles come lighter than carbon fiber equivalents and also perform better. The Trail Blaze Trekking Poles come secured with Carbide wear tip that provides a durable and secure grip to surfaces whilst Wrist strap provides protected handling and means you need not put them down to use your hands. The straps are merged too Airflow grips, these are soft on the hands yet highly breathable in warm environment. Down the shaft of the poles strong perlon cord protected the segments in place and both pairs are integrated with Baskets which are provided for use on unconsolidated ground, helping you keep stabilised and supported through rough and rugged terrains. Even supposing hard-wearing (our resident ultra distance runner has yet to break his!) they are still a very minimalist item that is only suitable for fast and light use and not for heavy trekking or standard fell walking use. Sold as a pair and come with an airflow carry bag. The benefits of poles. Reduced weight on your hips and back by 7-11 kg per step. Uphill walking is made easier as your arms help improve your upper body and give extra improve to your legs. Reduce strain/weight on knees all the way through long des
Four section ultra light trail pole
Good performance aluminium alloy
Trekking baskets/ mesh storage bag
Carbide wear tip
Made in the UK

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