The Emergency Kit Bag

A kit started in the military and now commonly used in bush craft, a emergency kit bag is a pack of emergency supplies which typically includes food, medical supplies and tools to ensure that an individual has their basic needs (shelter, food and health) catered for in tough terrains where such supplies are not readily available or are difficult to improvise. Kits typically purchased vary in size and may have basic environmental aspects taken in to the equipment provided. However, you can also assemble your own survival kit, which will insure you have appropriate items for the environment e.g. sunscreen for excess sun exposure or emergency sleeping bag for cooler climates. However, it is worth remembering when assembling your own kit that it should have some basic key items included, as in a survival situation, it is always best to be prepared for anything!





A typical survival kit often consists of the following key items-

Knife (often multitool or swiss army knife)- knives are key to survival in any natural environment, so having a small, lightweight, durable handheld knife is an essential piece of equipment. A multi tool knife can be used to cut wood, trap and skin animals (if needed), prepare food and even help you to build a basic shelter. A knife will also help you carve things, such as containers for catching rainwater or carve wood into hunting tools. Also, it is worth noting that depending where you find yourself in the world, you may have to defend yourself against predators, such as bears or lions, so if you are planning to create your own kit, a good knife can literally save your life!

Waterproof/windproof matches and tinder- although any match will be useful in the wilderness, waterproof and windproof matches are brilliant as they are resistant to the most devastating elements you may encounter whilst trying to survive. Having a fire is going to keep you warm and potentially prepare any food you may find, so it is beneficial to have matches that won’t fail you if its raining or windy- if it stops you going hungry, make sure you have it on you!

Pocket chainsaw- a flexible, small chainsaw, useful for cutting down wood to make a shelter or a fire. Obviously, these are key to keeping you safe, make sure any kit has one of these.

Purification tablets- often consisting of chemical potassium permanganate, purification tablets are a literal lifesaver to have to hand when trying to survive without easily accessible water. Even a potentially undrinkable water source (such as a muddy puddle) can be purified and drank, keeping hydration levels up whilst also warding off any water borne diseases.

Sewing kit- often overlooked, a basic sewing kit with a sturdy needle can help repair torn clothes but can also be used to sew together a serious wound and prevent bleeding. Sounds very extreme but excess bleeding can attract predators, open wounds may attract flies and open, untreated wounds can quickly become infected.

Flashlight– to help you travel at night but can also double up as a signal to attract attention to yourself if a plane flies over head.

Button compass- a compass will help you navigate and keep track of which direction you are travelling in. Being lost is never fun, especially if you are tired and have been outdoors surviving all weather for a week.

Pocket mirror- if you do not have a flashlight or it stops working, even a tiny mirror can reflect sunlight to once again create a visible signal from a significant distance.