Womens Waterproof Hiking Shoes


When embarking on a walk outdoors, comfort is key.
Choosing the right pair of shoes to wear on your outdoor adventure can literally make the difference between a great walk or a painful one. This can be tough though, as multiple brands claim to have designed the perfect shoe for everyone.
To help you research YOUR perfect shoe, we have taken five waterproof walking shoes, some more popular and some less well know brands, specifically designed for ladies and have put them to the test. Each pair has be worn on multiple outdoor walks in the countryside of the UK- through rough terrain, through slippery mud, over rocks and through wet weather to determine which shoe is superior in all the key areas! I am also not your average walker- I have hiked, walked through torrential rains and have experienced blisters the size of grapes! I also have back and hip issues, so any issues with support, you are going to hear about it in the reviews!
The following reviews have been broken down into 4 sections; comfort when wearing (and after wear), support (on your back and legs), flexibility and breathability. Each of these areas is scored out of 10 and then an overall score out of 5 is given. Value for money is taken in to account for the overall score as well as performance of the shoe in relation to its weight, if its materials are easy to clean and if it has any helpful additional features (like extra pairs of shoe laces- they are always handy!).

We hope you enjoy reading our reviews and that they will help you find your perfect walking shoe.




THE NORTH FACE Women’’s Back-to-Berkeley Redux Walking Boots

One of the first things I noticed about these boots was their weight- they were lighter than I was expecting. They also have a very trainer look about them, which you will either like or hate. On my feet, walking around the house, they were comfortable. Once again, reminding me more of a trainer than a walking shoe. As I have slightly wider feet, I was worried about them being too ‘fitted’, so was glad when they had a trainer feel about them.

Outside in the woods, this comfort continued. The day I wore this pair was quite wet and cold and I was aware that my feet were definitely warm and dry without becoming sweaty- very handy. I was cautious and concerned about the overall shape of the boots; they go above the ankle and I have had experiences of similarly shaped boots causing problems with rubbing and blisters in that area in the past. These ones did not however which was a relief.
While these boots were definitely comfortable, they were clearly designed for colder weather. I had to wear slimmer than usual socks with them as they were extremely insulated. On top of this insulation, there was also padding, which, while comfortable, created more insulation.

An interesting side note after wearing these boots is that they are much hardier than they look. They stood up to the challenges of the walk very well, specifically, walking over sharp wet rocks but also providing comfort in their flexibility. Another feature I was pleased with was the ease of cleaning them after they had been used, the mud just slid right off of them, probably because of the gum rubber soles.

I experienced no issues after I had worn them; my back was fine and my hips did not ache, suggesting that the extra padding did help with the support. No blisters to report or issues with rubbing. The extra shoe laces that these shoes came with was an added bonus but I found the shoe laces a bit long, which in turn, may have caused a fall.

Support- 8
Flexibility- 7
Breathability- 7
Overall score- 4.6


Knixmax Women’s Waterproof High Rise Hiking Boots Lightweight Trekking Walking Shoes

I researched these guys before they arrived and laughed when I read that they were not rain boots and should not be worn in water for long periods. But, I was pleased that the website advised aftercare of them, which is a nice quirk.
Anyway, these ones are slightly heavier than the other brands I reviewed, which made me laugh once again, as the boast being light weight but still, they appeared to be very sturdy.

On my feet, they were slightly wider by the ball of the foot (always a bonus, especially for supporting issues like bunions) whilst also being a snug fit and very comfortable.

Out on the walk, they were still providing comfort and warmth without causing me to sweat. The mesh lining definitely allowed them to breathe more than some of the other shoes, allowing my feet to sweat without making me aware of it. Once again though, wearing my typical, thick walking socks was not as option-I had to wear thinner socks with these but they made up for it in the comfort.

They went above the ankles but did not cause any blisters or sore spots, adding to my belief that previous above the ankle walking shoes I had owned were probably poor quality. They took everything in their stride, allowing me to walk on slippery rocks while providing support and their flexibility was great.

They clean up fairly well, the suede leather was bit harder to clean but that seems to be more of a cosmetic detail. The removal of mud from the soles was easy and they were ready for the next days walk within five minutes. One issue I did have was during the lacing up of the boots- the laces were quite short, leaving the option of overly tight shoes of tucked in laces. A minor setback however.

I have no after pains from wearing these guys so they definitely supported my back and hips well.

Support- 8
Flexibility- 7
Breathability- 8
Overall score-4.5

KEEN Women’’s Targhee Iii Waterproof Mid High Rise Hiking Shoes

These shoes were primarily made of leather, which I found very interesting, as it is not typically used much any more in walking boots, seeming to boast the quality of leather. It also added to the price which once again, made me think these boots must be great!

On my feet, they were definitely comfortable. They were slightly wider at the toe and were able to be fastened quite tightly around the arch, giving great overall support.

Out on the walk, they were great. I was finally able to wear my thicker socks without issue! Anyway, they supported my feet, back and hips very well whilst also allowing my feet to breathe (even with the thicker socks). It was a wet but warm day when I wore them (typical autumn weather) and I felt that my feet were able to sweat without causing points for rubbing or soreness. I felt secure climbing over rocks in them and the above the ankle design has really grown on me. No sore spots to report but they were slightly tighter around the ankle, making me wonder if they would cause issues if worn for a longer period. I have to say though, they were lighter than expected, especially as they were made of leather.

Afterwards, they were easy to clean and even had a removable insole- great addition I thought!
I had no issues with my back or hips after wearing them- the brand boasted superior shock absorption and I feel they delivered on it.

One key off putting factor for me was they price. Yes, they are leather, yes, they are comfortable, but the large price (and the variation in the prices) across websites concerned me a bit and has been taken in to account for the overall scoring.

Support- 7
Flexibility- 7
Breathability- 8
Overall score-3.9


Merrell Women’’s Siren Traveller Q2 Mid Wp High Rise Hiking Boots

Another pair of predominantly leather boots, these guys had a similar issue to the pair made by Keen- a large price tag.
But as this is a lesser known brand, I was eager to try these boots out. This brand boasted that this is a shoe engineered to the way women move, so I was very keen to try them out to see if there was any noticeable difference.

On my feet, they were comfortable and light- they had an insole with an instep support which was very unique and supportive of my feet. The insole was contoured to the three arches of the foot which was a very nice touch.

Out on the walk, the insole definitely added to the comfort and support- these guys were also slightly wider by the toes which added to the comfort. Once again, I felt they gripped the terrain well, and felt safe walking over wet rocks and through slippery mud with them on. They were taller than my ankles but this caused no issue. I had to wear thinner socks again as they were quite a snug fit but I felt thicker sock were not needed, as even though my feet did sweat, these shoes had mesh on the upper part of the shoe, allowing m feet to breathe easily.

They were easy to clean afterwards and there was no problems getting the soles cleared of all the debris.
I didn’t experience any aches or pains after wearing them BUT I was confused as to how they were engineered to the way women move. They had similar features as the other shoes, with the only difference being the contoured insole. While this did add to the comfort and support, that seemed to be all it did- it didn’t seem engineered to the way I moved at all! The price tag also bought the down in the overall score.

Support- 8
Flexibility- 7
Breathability- 8
Overall score-3.8

KEEN Women’’s Wanderer Waterproof Low Rise Hiking Shoes

As the only pair of shoes in the bunch that didn’t go above the ankle, I was keen to compare and contrast with the other pairs, specifically in support and flexibility.

These guys looked and felt more like trainers, which instantly boosted them for me, as they are very comfortable. They were also very light (despite being leather) and had very comfortable cushioning on the insoles.

Out on the walk, I did feel that I was a bit more unstable on my feet, though this may have just been because I had been wearing boots that went above my ankles for the last few days! They did grip well, repel water and the mesh lining meant my feet could get adequate circulation. They did feel more flexible on my feet and I was able to move in them more freely than some of the other shoes; they were less restrictive but also a bit less supportive of my ankles. I could wear thicker socks with them and was able to climb over trees in them as well as rocks easily.

They were easy to clean and I had no issues removing any accumulated debris from the soles.
Post wear, there were no aches or pains in my back, hips or legs to complain of; they seemed to make up for their height around the ankles in comfort and ensuring foot stability. Their price was definitely more reasonable than many of the other leather based boots on the market.

Support- 8
Flexibility- 8
Breathability- 8
Overall score- 4.5