The No 11 Casström Field Saw has an 11cm long cutting edge. It permits you to open the chest cage and pelvic bone on larger game safely and quickly without puncturing the gut or making unintended damage. The teeth on the saw have been precision ground for fast and efficient cutting. The end of the blade has been rounded off and features a safety tip. The saw blade is made the usage of a top quality stainless blade steel that makes the saw very durable but also easy clean in a hygienic way. The maintain and saw blade has been designed in a unique way to allow the blade to get replaced if needed one day. The maintain is made from precision milled, affect resistant and weatherproof G10 laminated glass fibre. This material does not absorb any blood or liquids and is very strong and durable. The saw comes with a sturdy Cordura nylon belt pouch and is delivered in a black box. The steel used for the blade has been carefully selected and tested to meet high standards set for cutting efficiency in addition to strict hygiene criteria for handling food. The steel has been heat treated to succeed in a hardness of approx. HRC 56-59. The composition of the steel may also be found below