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11 07, 2018

Review Of The AKU Terrealte GTX

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Features Terre alte is an Italian phrase that means 'highlands.' The AKU Terrealte GTX boot has been designed for high altitudes and mountaineering. It has resulted in a design that is more robust compared to others, along with a stiffer sole and stiffer upper for use all day with crampons. Its upper is made out of synthetic Air 8000 and suede leather and also comes with a full rubber rand and Gore-Tex waterproof lining. However, its outsole heel breast and lugs are not as aggressive compared to some others. 5/5 Fit There is no specific [...]

11 07, 2018

Scarpa Manta Pro Review ‘The Gold Standard’

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Features For decades, the standard has been set by the Scarpa Manta for 4-season B2-rated boots. They feature a waterproof lining made out of Gore-Tex inside of of an upper that is made out a mixture of synthetic fabrics and leather and full rubber rand. The underside of the boot features a well-stiffened Vibram sole, along with a heel breast and well-spaced, deep lugs for grip. One particularly noteworthy feature is its articulated ankle cuff that provides comfort and support. 5/5 Fit Scarpa Manta Pro is available in 36-42 sizes for women and 40-50 sizes [...]


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