Terre alte is an Italian phrase that means ‘highlands.’ The AKU Terrealte GTX boot has been designed for high altitudes and mountaineering. It has resulted in a design that is more robust compared to others, along with a stiffer sole and stiffer upper for use all day with crampons. Its upper is made out of synthetic Air 8000 and suede leather and also comes with a full rubber rand and Gore-Tex waterproof lining. However, its outsole heel breast and lugs are not as aggressive compared to some others. 5/5


There is no specific size option for women, with men’s sizes ranging from 5 to 13. It has a close fit that held my foot neatly. The toe area in the boot is slightly narrower compared to some design and has a very precise feel. It has a supportive and close-fitting ankle cuff but less forward flex is allowed. 3/5


The close fit of the AKU Terralte GTX is quite comfortable and its supportive ankle cuff is more comfortable compared to some other lower-priced options that are available. When walking on ground that is level, the sole rolls very nicely. However, there are other boots that have softer ankle cuffs that are slightly more comfortable. It does feel great when mountaineering with crampons fitted, so support is only a drawback on easier terrain. 4/5

In use

Compared to some other boots that one features a design that is more mountaineer and is stiffer and heavier. It can take a crampon and heel clip – which is when you get the best performance from the AKU Terrealte GTX, since you need all of the boot’s support when you are wearing crampons. The sole lugs aren’t quite as good as some others without crampons, and are less aggressive. Also, the stiff ankle cuff isn’t as comfortable. 4/5


This is a well-priced boot for the support and extra stiffness that the AKU Terrealte GTX provides to the mountaineer, and for its intended use is definitely better than many others. 4/5

Final Verdict

If you are searching for a good general men’s mountaineering boot with crampons to use high in the mountains, then the AKU Terrealte GTX is a great choice. 4/5