14 09, 2018

Swiss Army Knives: Just the Thing when Camping

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The Swiss Army knife is perhaps the most popular outdoor item many campers and outdoor enthusiasts never leave home without. Officially a product by the Swiss-based Victorinox, the registration of the original “Swiss Army Knife” name happened in 1909, with the company founded by Karl Elsener in 1897. The thing with Swiss Army Knives is that they are not just knives. Depending on which model one has, a Swiss Army Knife could be used as a small saw, a magnifying glass, a can opener, or a small pair of scissors. Basically becoming anything boasted by [...]

3 09, 2018

Family Camping: First Aid Kits

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When you start preparing for your camping trip, quite a few salient things strike your mind. Right from airing out the tent to listing grocery items, one must also get hold of maps and explore the local areas. Mostly the fun aspect engages your attention. However, safety is also a very important issue. A necessity for first aid might arise. Being outdoors for a period of time might lead to an emergency and that call for immediate safety measures and rescue. For maximum precaution safety should be approached through the three “E”s. Equipment: A first [...]

17 08, 2018

Camping Hatchets: Making things Easier

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Essential tools for outdoor work, hatchets are also great tools to have when out camping. By definition, hatchets are lightweight versions of axes. They could be operated with only one hand, and are quite handy for “small cut” job needs. They are smaller axes, which are quite useful when working outdoors. American Indians are known to have used hatchets with prominence, with the tomahawk hatchet being the most popular. These days, hatchets are somewhat complementary tools for axes, which are made for cutting and shaping wood. Axes deal with the bigger stuff, while hatchets handle [...]

2 08, 2018

Camping Tents Gear

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  Having the best quality and right type of camping tents gear will definitely make your outdoor experience more fun and safe. The more you enjoy your camp, the more you will tend to invest in quality camping tents gear and equipment. You can find our about their prices at local stores or can compare them with online shops that offers discount camping tents gear. Tents or shelter is the most important component. Buy the best quality tents for your tour so that it can withstand heavy wind, rain and can protect you from cold [...]

1 08, 2018

“Smart” Camping Supplies not all are Equal

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Camping has become more and more popular. With that selfsame rising popularity, a variety of camping supplies are available for campers to choose from, and are available in most camping supplies stores, as well as in other outdoor specialty shops. What most campers don’t know is that there are actually things known as “smart” camping supplies which most people already have inside their own homes. Certain items common in most households are known to be actually the ideal, if not better, alternatives to more commercially inclined camping supplies. More often than not, commercially marketed camping [...]


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