Essential tools for outdoor work, hatchets are also great tools to have when out camping. By definition, hatchets are lightweight versions of axes. They could be operated with only one hand, and are quite handy for “small cut” job needs. They are smaller axes, which are quite useful when working outdoors. American Indians are known to have used hatchets with prominence, with the tomahawk hatchet being the most popular.

These days, hatchets are somewhat complementary tools for axes, which are made for cutting and shaping wood. Axes deal with the bigger stuff, while hatchets handle the small work which axes would definitely over chop.

As camping tools, they are great to have around. One could actually bring an axe when out camping, but the convenience boasted by a camping hatchet would be much more beneficial for campers. Understandable enough, a hatchet’s compact size and lighter weight makes it more practical to bring when out in a camping trip. Axes are simply just too big, and would be of much use with outdoor oriented work, not so much with outdoor recreational activities like camping.

Hatchets could be easily used to help clear tree limbs, should one be working outdoors, or for chopping up kindling and/firewood should one be out camping outdoors. They could also be helpful in tent pitching, as their size could serve as a proxy for shovels or trowels, making the act of digging holes easier.

The thing about hatchets, as a general outdoor tool as well as a camping tool, is that they come in various shapes, as well as sizes. With all the hatchet varieties out there, campers are sure to find the ideal hatchet for them.

Normally, a good hatchet could be visually defined as a foot long, with a strong handle designed for comfortable use. These hatchet types should be ideally one piece items, meaning they are safer to use as the steel making up the hatchet, runs from the hatchet’s head up to the hatchet’s handle.

Hatchet handles should be ideally one which prevents slippage, especially when perspiration is involved. Leather laminations and rubber handles are known to provide such perspiration-handle slippage incidents, and should be a feature one should look for when picking out hatchets for outdoor work, or for camping reasons.

So on your next camping trip, think about the things that could’ve gone smoother if you had packed a hatchet with you, and definitely bring one along.