Indianhead Ranch is a hunting ground in Texas. Its 10,000 acres of open land and green woods is a perfect area for an estimated 3,000 animals that are good for game. These animals include some of the largest herds in the US.

During summertime, Indianhead Ranch becomes a summer camp. The camp offers teenagers and hunters fun and adventure. It allows them to bond together with other campers.

Most importantly, Indianhead Ranch educates campers about wildlife conservation. The summer camp program include lessons on gun safety and care, practical camping, hunting and survival skills, enjoying the outdoors and wildlife and becoming a licensed hunter by attaining the Texas Hunter Certification.

All these goals are achieved in Indianhead Ranch’s controlled environment and constantly monitored by professionals. Counselors are exceptionally trained and are hunters themselves.

To ensure comfort, safety and constant surveillance, each of Indianhead Ranch’s 3 camps only hold up to twelve campers within the three ranch guest houses. One of these guest houses is solely for females and is supervised by a female counselor.

Indianhead Ranch has three types of camps. The first camp is called apprentice camp. This is for teenagers between 12 to 17 years old. It features a seven day course that is designed to help the campers obtain a Hunter Safety Certification. Also, the culmination of the program includes a grand hunt for an animal designated as the One Management Exotic Doe.

The second camp is called advance camp. Just like apprentice cam, this program is for campers who are 12 to 17 years old. It is a seven day camp that focuses on hunting and wildlife appreciation and conservation. There is also an organized hunt for a certain animal. In addition, campers can enjoy riding in ATVs or four wheeled All Terrain Vehicle so they could obtain an ATV certification.

Lastly, international camp is for campers 14 to 18 years old who are outside of the USA. This is a 15 day program that allows foreign students to practice English. Within these days, they will also have an opportunity to avail of all facilities and facilities offered by Indianhead Ranch and travel through Texas. 11 of the 15 days are devoted for the attainment of a Hunter Safety Certification and a hunt for a prize animal. One day is for a tour and a hunting session in San Antonio. The last 3 days are for a tour and hunting session in San Antonio.

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