The correct camping stuff and gear must be carried along and this forms the most essential part of your camping trip. Here is a list of all that you should carry with you on your family camping weekend. However, your list of materials might alter as according to the spot that you have chosen as your campsite, the weather and the kind of camping conveniences available. For backpacking, kayaking, canoe camping or any form of camping which requires gear weight, look into our lightweight packing ideas.

Lodging and bedcovers as well as other bedding requirements are of primary importance to your list . A canvas for the ground and a sleeping bag might be your only requirement but for family camp excursions you will need a couple of proper sized tents, tent stakes a( carry extra stakes with you too), hammer and a stake puller. You can use oilcloths or tarpaulins , a little larger than the floor of your tent to cover the floor of your tent, such that mud and dust do not accumulate. Carry a broom and a small mat , if possible. This will help you to keep your tent clean and tidy.

A great number of choices are available when selecting your bedding and sleeping material. However , you can also put in air mattresses or camp pads, for example the Coleman Rest Easy pad , sleeping bags , pillows and blankets into your list of materials to be carried. You may choose to take a Coleman shelter with you so as to keep away from the high temperature and also keep your food free from dirt and dust.

One of the most essential things on your checklist is the clothes that you need to pack. Obviously the garments you carry will be in accordance to the weather of that place and also the things that you intend to do. Put in 3 sets of clothes, something to sleep in, a jacket, a sweatshirt, and a rain gear if your trip if your trip is just for the weekend. Long pants socks as well as hiking shoes are essential if you want to go hiking. For swimming and other water related activities, carry your swimsuit, sandals that you can put on the beach and also head gear. Use the laundry conveniences that are offered by most campgrounds if your camping trip is long. This will allow you to carry only a couple of sets of garments with you.

It is important to maintain hygiene and sanitation when out on a camping trip. Do not forget to carry all the toiletries that you require. Keep your toiletries in portable , waterproof cans in case your campsite has shower conveniences or you can also carry few of the numerous kinds of Coleman camp showers. Put in soap, deodorant, dental care products, hair care and the other required medicines.

You can pack your camping stuff in rubber totes or rugged duffel bags. Each person can pack their own tote and shower bag so as to simplify the luggage process. Rain materials, swimsuits, towels, camping games, and beach toys should be packed in a distinct, separate carrier as they are not too frequently used.

Use the laundry bag to keep the unclean clothes away from the good ones. The laundry bag is also helpful in the bathhouse. Take a bath towel, washcloth , sponge.

Also, if possible, carry a change container with quarters and you can use this in certain showers and laundries.