The Upsides and Downsides of Inflatable Camping Tents


The word inflatable is a common variety of many furniture types which the world has become quite familiar with. From inflatable beds, to inflatable sofas, even to inflatable pillows, the inflatable aspect of many items have become quite popular to many, with inflatable camping tents another entry to that already popular breed of inflatable items.

Tents are basically shelters for campers, or any other outdoor enthusiast, who spend a day or more outdoors, “roughing it”. Generally, they are made with waterproof ripstop material, and are propped up with four poles. Tents could brave rain, keeping campers dry inside, as well as keep campers away from flying and biting bugs and insects.

Bottom line, tents are shelters.

Inflatable camping tents, are also tents, capable of functioning as well as the regular variety of camping tents. They differ from regular tents in the sense that they are built with an inflatable nature in mind. Inflatable camping tents, being what they are and just as anything inflatable, have particular benefits as well as downsides to their nature.

Here are some points that make inflatable camping tents great outdoor shelters, and the downsides that make them quite a hassle to have when outdoors.

Setting Up Inflatable Camping Tents

Contrary to regular tent types, inflatable camping tents are quite easy to setup. Simply set them down where one would want his or her tent to be, connect it to the air system that came with the inflatable camping tent, and it’ll do its thing, easy and fast.

Doing this in the dark would require only the most minimum of light sources, as all one has to consider is positioning the inflatable camping tent, then connecting it to its air pump.

In terms of setting inflatable camping tents up, it beats regular tents in terms of speed and easy use. Putting it down is just as easy as setting inflatable camping tents up, which could be summed up as fast and easy.

The Hassle of Weight and Space

Though they are easy to setup, inflatable camping tents don’t really score high points with carrying them, as well as with economizing one’s pack. They are usually put on pickup trucks, or SUV’s, then taken out once campers reach the campsite.

This weight issue of inflatable camping tents doesn’t make them ideal for mobile camping excursions, which includes backpacking, bicycle camping and canoe camping.

All in all, the use of an inflatable camping tent all boils down to what one intends to make of with his/her camping experience, or with what the whole camping experience is all about.