Camping with the family is an extremely fun event. Family members will have the opportunity to play games together, go on an adventure or appreciate the beauty of nature.

Many families want to camp near a large body of water, such as a lake. A lake provides the family a great place to swim. It also provides them water for washing and swimming. Finally, the sight of a beautiful lake is a very relaxing scene indeed.

Lakefront family camping needs to be planned well. The first consideration is the weather. The weather should be fair or sunny. The water is smooth and calm during good weather. Camping during rainy, windy or stormy weather is highly discouraged. The water level of the lake can rise and can flood the shore. At worse, the overflow may wash away the camp site.

Sunny weather is also favorable for lakefront family camping because the water is safe to swim in. There are no rough waves and the water is quite clear.

Before going on a lakefront family camping trip, it is suggested that the camper must have knowledge over the area first. A trip to the local police station or the city hall can provide a lot of information about the area. It is important to take note about wildlife, the safety, history and suitability of camping in the lakefront. Doing so will save the camper’s lakefront family trip nasty and unpleasant surprises.

Camping right next to the water is not recommended. As mentioned above, a rise of water level can be disastrous. A campsite that is near the water provides an annoying, open invitation to aquatic animals such as leeches, catfishes and even alligators. It’s better to camp around 50 to 100 meters away from the shore.

Lakefront family camping usually involves lots of swimming. While this is enjoyable, certain precautions must be taken. Family members should never swim alone and should not venture into deep water. Other family members on the shore must always keep an eye out for those who are swimming. This is especially true if there are children swimming. Kids who get carried away by curiosity and sense of adventure are tempted to swim farther out into the lake. They should be watched over carefully.

Washing plates, scaling fish or preparing food should not be done near the shore. The mess can contaminate the water. Instead, it is better to take some water using a bucket or a basin and do the washing and preparation at the camp. Also, waste water should not be dumped back to the lake.

By following all these tips, lakefront family camping should be a joy and a memorable experience.


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