There are a lot of all girls’ camps in the Canada. One of the most popular ones is Camp Ouareau.

Just like any other good summer camp, Camp Ouareau features comfortable cabins, large activity grounds, a peaceful atmosphere and a clean and safe environment. But what is special about this camp is that it had developed a unique bilingual program for its campers. The program is designed to bring English-speaking and French-speaking children to cooperate, learn and have fun together.

The program is developed because their researchers know that children are apprehensive, even fearful, of other children who speak a different language. However, when carefully coached and urged, the apprehension and fear disappears when the children play, live and learn together.

Thus, Camp Ouareau aims to dismiss the notion about “the two solitudes,” referring to the differences of English and French children. Camp Ouareau can accommodate 116 campers speaking the different languages. Before registered campers arrive there, however, the camp sends a handy dictionary of words and expressions so that children can learn a few phrases. This will give them confidence when interacting with other girls.

Because of the nature of Camp Ouareau’s goal, the staff that mans the camp is carefully chosen. They are specially trained to be sensitive to challenges that may arise from the problem of letting two groups of girls speaking the same language come together.

Being a counselor in Camp Ouareau is a fun, healthy and great job. However, it is also demanding. A counselor must be able to handle four to six children who are 8 to 15 years old.

Applicants who have past experience in organized camping are preferred, rather than those who have experienced a lot of babysitting. Also, they must have a good working knowledge with English and French. Applicants who speak both languages have a great advantage.

Also, aspiring would-be counselors in Camp Ouareau must know CPR. They should also have a First Aid certificate, signifying that they have finished a basic first aid course. Additionally, they must have a CIT certificate.

Applicants applying for waterfront staff have even more exacting requirements. Not only do they have to accomplish all of the above, they must be, at least, bronze medalists in swimming or boating. Additionally, they must have Red Cross or National Lifeguard certificates.

Finally, applicants must be female and must be over 17 years old. This is in compliance with the Ontario Camping Association and the Quebec Camping Association.