Tents stand to be among the most basic of camping equipment. As camping involves the concept of staying outdoors for a day or so, tents are basically shelters in which campers sleep in, weighing away the hazards of dealing with bugs and insects, as well as rain and bad weather. They are also where campers eat, should the need to stay “indoors” induce them to do so. There are various other types of camping equipment which are also quite essential for a camping trip, but the tent simply is the most definitive of camping equipment types.

Bottom line, a camping trip wouldn’t be complete without the presence of tents.

One thing worth noting is that with the rising popularity of camping as a recreational activity, various developments in tents have been made over the years. From “instant pitch up tents”, to the more classic set it up yourself tent types, a number of tent varieties are known to be available in camping equipment shops.

Here is a breakdown of the most common tent types one is sure to meet when out looking for camping equipment.

Dome-Shaped Tents

The dome-shaped shape of Dome-Shaped tents aptly define them as such. Dome-shaped tents are known to be designed in a way that moving space in them is at its most maximum, with enough ample headroom for campers to move about in them. Often designed standing with only two poles, dome-shaped tents are only advisable for use during moderate weather conditions, as its overall design isn’t really made to withstand a real-deal downpour.

Tunnel Tents or Hoop Tents

Tunnel Tents or Hoop Tents aren’t exactly made for “sitting up” let alone standing up, as they are tents which one has to crawl into in order to get in. Tunnel Tents or Hoop Tents are tent types designed strictly for sleeping. They require staking in order for them to be properly set up, and are popular tents among backpackers, bicycle tour-ers, as well as canoe campers, whose “mobile camping” options fit well with the requirements of such camping excursions.

Free-standing Tents

The thing with freestanding tents is that they are quite convenient to set up, as well as easy to move around, should campers have the need to do so. As with most camping equipment types, they are smart items which are simply great once used outdoors.

Tents are the most definitive of camping equipment types. Picking the right type of tent for a camping trip could save one from a frustrating time outdoors, affecting the overall camping excursion.