Camping is a great outdoor activity. Nothing compares to the sense of serenity and the thrill of adventure when camping.

However, the enjoyment will be ruined he has not brought essential camping equipment. No camper likes unpleasant surprises such as finding out that the ground is too hard to sleep on without sleeping pads. Since he is going out of the safety and comfort of his home, a camper must have the proper camping equipment.

The first on the list of must-haves is a tent. The camper must choose a tent that is big enough to accommodate him or his friends, if he’s not camping alone. The tent should be strong, sturdy, dependable and waterproof. Fortunately, many tents available for sale are made out of quality materials that can meet all these requirements. Most camping tents are also collapsible which makes carrying and storing them easier.

To protect the tent from the sun and rain, a camper should also bring a tarp for additional protection. This piece of camping equipment can be suspended with ropes over the camping site itself. It can protect a camper’s gear that is placed outside the tent. It can also serve as a shield or a deflector during windy days so that strong winds would not blow the tent away.

Another piece of camping equipment that a camper must have is a sleeping bag. A sleeping bag is a cushioned blanket which can be zipped on one side to form a bag. The camper can then snuggle inside the bag when he wants to sleep. The best sleeping bags to buy are 3-season sleeping bags which can be used during spring, summer and autumn. Thicker sleeping bags for those who venture out during winter are also available, albeit more expensive. These are designed for couples who decide to go camping together. There are also sleeping bags which are big enough to sleep two people.

Sleeping on hard ground is hardly comfortable. That is why bringing a sleeping pad is important. This piece of camping equipment is placed under the sleeping bag to provide a soft barrier between it and the ground. This makes sleeping outdoors relatively more comfortable. Some campers bring air mattresses in lieu of sleeping pads. Air mattresses are thicker and provide even more cushion.

A large but light backpack is also an important piece of camping equipment. A camper can place his clothes, food and other equipment in it. Just like a tent, the backpack should be sturdy and waterproof. The straps should be comfortable and the weight of the pack should be evenly distributed to avoid stress.

Other smaller camping equipment that a camper must bring include lanterns, flashlights, toiletries, first aid kit, extra batteries, a cell phone, water purifiers and a portable stove.

With these, camping outdoors would be a great, pleasant experience.