During school breaks, many children and teenagers go to summer camps to enjoy nature, to learn new things, to develop their skills and talents and to be friends with others.

Some summer camps cater to only one gender such as an all girls’ summer camp. And one of the best all girls’ camps is Camp Tanamakoon.

Camp Tanamakoon is located in Algonquin Park in Ontario. Its name is based on an old native American word which means “Hail fellow, well met.” This name describes the camp very well since it is in this summer camp that different girls make friendship that lasts.

Camp Tanamakoon was the brainchild by Mary G. Hamilton, whose grandfather was one of the original settlers in 1834. Ms. Hamilton was the principal of Margaret Eaton School in Toronto, Ontario when she founded the summer camp. She was also a pioneer in Physical Education and organized camping in that school.

Miss Hamilton wanted to establish a summer camp for girls so that they could learn the importance of physical education while having fun. She chose the site on the serene shore of a bay in Tanamakoon Lake, later named White’s Lake. Thus, in 1925, Camp Tanamakoon was born. Miss Hamilton was director of the camp until her retirement in 1953.

It is also interesting to note that in its early years, campers from other regions had a hard time coming to Camp Tanamakoon. The girls would arrive by train at the Algonquin Park Station. From here, they would take a canoe and paddle across Lake Tanamakoon to the camp! It became easier for campers to access Camp Tanamakoon when roads were developed.

Today, the tradition of friendship, fun and learning that was so prevalent in Camp Tanamakoon many years ago is as strong as when it was founded. The camp promotes good values and morals to young girls through a fun-filled summer program. Activities include mountain biking, kayaking, nature tripping, canoe trips, in-camp games, making arts and crafts and many more.

Camp Tanamakoon features comfortable wood cabins, platform tents and obstacle course. The area is also outfitted with advanced safety systems to ensure that the experience will be accident free. The camp is also manned with energetic, responsible, fun loving and outstanding staff who were also former campers.

For more information about Camp Tanamakoon or to arrange a visit with them, one can visit their website on the details.