Camping trips are great. Camping allows you to have fun, adventure and learning while living outdoors. This would even be better if there are other campers around in an area. Camping with others is akin to having a temporary neighborhood whose members share the same interest as you do.

Because there are other campers sharing the area with you, it is important to mind your manners at the campground. Camping etiquette should be practiced by everyone.

Here are some suggestions for camping etiquette.

First, do not attempt to disobey camping rules. The rules are placed there for all campers’ safety and enjoyment. The rules are also there to protect the environment.

Respect other camper’s rights. Be aware of their “territory.” That means, you should walk around another camper’s site, not across it. If you plan to play games, be sure to do it on your own campground or in the camp’s recreation area.

At night time or during quiet hours, do not make any unnecessary loud noises. Speak softly and do not turn the radio’s volume at full blast. You will be surprised at how far other voices, radios and noises are heard during a quiet summer night.

Another important suggest for camping etiquette is to control your pet if you own one. You should not leave your pet unattended. Unattended dogs will bark at other campers, dig holes and move around a lot, which usually annoy other campers. Dogs should be leashed at least 6 feet away from a neighboring camp. It is better not to bring pets along when camping.

Do not cut trees for firewood. You can bring your own wood or buy some. Similarly, do not carve wood trunks or stick nails on them. In some states, these are actually illegal.

Also, do not dump waste water into streams, lakes, creeks or rivers. This can contaminate the water. This is one of the most overlooked aspects of camping etiquette.

Upon leaving, you should remember another important camping etiquette. This is to pack in what you pack out. That means you should make your campsite clean. Pack all your trash and throw them away in designated trash bins. Recycle when possible. Do not leave anything behind. In fact, a good rule is to leave the camp site cleaner than when you find it.

Following these rules and being courteous to fellow campers shows that you are a responsible, respectful person.