The Swiss Army knife is perhaps the most popular outdoor item many campers and outdoor enthusiasts never leave home without. Officially a product by the Swiss-based Victorinox, the registration of the original “Swiss Army Knife” name happened in 1909, with the company founded by Karl Elsener in 1897.

The thing with Swiss Army Knives is that they are not just knives. Depending on which model one has, a Swiss Army Knife could be used

as a small saw, a magnifying glass, a can opener, or a small pair of scissors. Basically becoming anything boasted by the respective features of the knife itself, Swiss Army Knives are practical items to bring when outdoors, especially with outdoor recreational activities like camping, or backpacking, or canoe camping, or bicycle camping.

They are multi-functional, small and lightweight, the ideal item to bring when exploring the outdoors. Here are some of the ideal Swiss Army Knives for those with the particular taste for the outdoors.

The Camper of Swiss Army Knives

With a length reaching 91 millimeters, the Camper of Swiss Army Knives boasts 13 tools which would really come in handy during a camping excursion.

It basically has: a large blade, a small blade, a can opener, a corkscrew, a small 3 millimeter screwdriver, a 6 millimeter screwdriver, bottle cap lifter, a wire stripper, key ring, tweezers, a wood saw, a toothpick and a reamer.

It is the ideal of Swiss Army Knives when camping is being talked about.

The Voyager of Swiss Army Knives

Living up to its name, the Voyager of Swiss Army Knives is one Swiss Army Knife packed with impressive functions. It bears the self-same standard of durability Swiss Army Knives have become known for, with 20 useful tools. It comes with a transparent black shell, giving it that “sophisticated look” holstered by all Swiss Army Knives.

Its functions include: a large blade, a small blade, a can opener, corkscrew, small 3 millimeter screwdriver, bottle cap lifter, wire stripper, 6 millimeter screwdriver, reamer, tweezers, key ring, scissors, multi-purpose hook, toothpick, digital clock with alarm and stopwatch functions, nail file, stainless steel pin, a pressurized ball point pen, and a mini screwdriver.

The Voyager of Swiss Army Knives is simply the most multi-functional of Swiss Army Knives, making it quite useful when out camping, or other outdoor oriented recreational activities.

All in all, the potential usefulness of Swiss Army Knives is known to all, with its long established line of quality products, which are durable and multifunctional. When out camping, Swiss Army Knives are just the thing to make things easier for campers.

Cressi Victory Diving Knife Includes Strap with High Quality Japanese Steel Blade – Dark Grey

Japanese 420 stainless steel
Diamond coating blade treatment
Light weight

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