When you start preparing for your camping trip, quite a few salient things strike your mind. Right from airing out the tent to listing grocery items, one must also get hold of maps and explore the local areas. Mostly the fun aspect engages your attention. However, safety is also a very important issue. A necessity for first aid might arise. Being outdoors for a period of time might lead to an emergency and that call for immediate safety measures and rescue. For maximum precaution safety should be approached through the three “E”s.


A first aid kit is the first and most important step. It can be purchased or the basics can just be assembled together. A great number of websites are dedicated to give you directions for the same. One such pointer is making a large kit and storing it in your car. A Larger box containing all sorts of medicines maybe useful for keeping in the car but not practical for carrying around during hiking or backpacking. Obviously carrying the larger box is not feasible so only the absolute necessities must be carried.


Don’t allow things to fate. Imagine hypothetical emergency situations. Good hikers take all sorts of precautions for every such possible situation. A first aid course can go a long way in providing such education. YMCA and Red Cross are agencies that provide this service to the community at large. Getting lost, being exposed to adverse weather, having to experience insect bites, campfires etc, can all be leading to potentially dangerous situations. Morbidity shouldn’t be ruining your trip, but try discussing these imaginary situations while traveling to ensure that if these arise, you would know how to tackle them.


Looking for emergencies is not a pleasant option, but you might actually d some basic things to get practical knowledge. If you are a parent and if one of your children undergoes some slight injury then administer first aid yourself and let you other children witness the process. Of course this calls for the facts that the hurt child permits this, and the conditions are apt. Usually first aid courses are practical knowledge oriented and teach the administration of basic procedures like CPR and bandaging. If you have experience of first aid then you can take adequate precautions by ensuring that those traveling with you avoid potential danger, but it’s wise to do this gracefully.


130 Pieces Premium First Aid Kit Bag, Be Prepared for Office, Home, Car, School, Emergency, Survival, Camping, Hunting…

DURABLE, STRONG AND MEDICAL-GRADE QUALITY:Satisfied with only the highest standards, we loaded this first aid box with premium medical supplies for emergency and survival situations. With your safety in mind, it was assembled in an facility and contains enhanced first aid supplies for beginner campers, avid outdoorsmen and everyone in between. This kit helps meet OSHA/ANSI requirements for a safe work environment.
CONVENIENT, COMPREHENSIVE CARE: This ultimate survival kit consists of something that you need to clean and dress minor wounds in a convenient mini pouch.Our first aid bag also includes premium selection of emergency-preparedness supplies, giving you the peace of mind that you deserve for small trauma during every adventure at home, school, and the outdoors.
DURABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE DESIGN: For maximum efficiency and portability, this basic first aid kit weighs only 1.5 pound and features a compact, travel-friendly design. Perfect for cars , schools , boat , children and more , it includes a nylon case that is highly durable and flexible, fitting perfectly in backpacks, boats and pockets.

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