Quite a bit of contemporary technology has focused on touchscreen operations, but the Satmap Active 10 actually uses buttons that might actually be considered old-fashioned at this point. If you’re on a hill and wearing gloves, then you’ll appreciate how much easier these big buttons are to manage as compared to other devices. The buttons are also simpler than many keypad designs too, since the buttons are actually spaced around the housing’s exterior.

A large screen comes with this, although it’s not as sharp as you might expect, which is something of a downer. Don’t expect dedicated geocaching features or cameras, since the feature set has been boiled down to only what walker actually truly need out of this. Since there’s not any touchscreen, you use a joystick for scrolling around the mapping onscreen. This actually winds up working really well, and the mapping regenerates even faster than a number of other units.

Satmap Active 12 Plus and Full GB Map Bundle Ultimate Sports GPS – Black/Orange

High resolution ordnance survey mapping for UK (six times the resolution of standard mapping) with a 89 mm HVGA screen
Power bundle, including 2700 mAh LiPol rechargeable battery and wall/car charger
Support for bluetooth smart heart rate monitors and cadence/speed devices (sold separately)

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Also in contrast to similar devices, the Satmap Active 10 price point is affordable and tempting. You do however have to add in the cost of OS mapping, which typically runs a few hundred pounds for the entirety of the U.K. at 1:50k. If you like hillwalking/camping though, you’d do well to get this.

The Satmap Active 10 proves simple and effective, giving the majority of hillwalkers just what they need to navigate their way even in bad conditions. This unit has won Trail’s accolade for ‘Best in Test’.