Although the most recent trekking poles are a lot more high-tech compared to their predecessors, there are very few radical design changes that occur. However, the Komperdell Expedition pole allows you to make adjustments to the length while on the move without having to stop and change the grip – by just pressing a button. Since the pole’s length determines how easy or hard it is to use, particularly when traveling across slopes or on uneven ground, this might be the most important innovation that has occurred in many years.

Trekking poles help to reduce the amount of strain on joints, improve balance, and in general make it easier to walk on hills. For hill walking and backpacking they have become an essential item, and even many valley walkers use them while traversing across level terrain.

The ability to adjust length is a fairly modern feature, and this is often achieved through expanding the internal cam design which locks the sections to the length that is desired. Frequently external cams are used as well.

Length is adjusted on the Komperdell Expedition trekking poles through pressing the large green button located on the top part of the handle. It is spring-loaded and enables the green top section to slide down and up the main pole. When the button is released, it locks the mechanism and the pole is ready to be used at the new adjusted height. To make the pole shorter press down on the handle and press the button, and to make the pole longer less pressure is placed on the handle, and that enables the internal spring to lengthen the pole.

The thing that I really like about the mechanism is that it is very easy to use. All that you need to do is apply a bit of gentle thumb pressure, and I just had to maintain a regular grip while operating the button. The mechanism hasn’t seized or jammed so far. However, over time, this can occur to pole, so it impossible to know just how well it might work in, say, 12 months.

Komperdell Stiletto Expedition trekking poles

Absolutely top quality and light-weight trekking poles. Very practical and at ease long adjustment by push button at the Care for. Subject matter: Most sensible: Titanal HF; Bottom: Carbon with skirt long-sleeved shirt.Care for: ergonomically formed stiletto foam Care for, padded and with KV Adjustable straps.Plates and tip: Ice edge plates, ice edge Tungsten/carbide tip.Extras: Foldable Trip Holiday Vet Carrier Pet Home with push button at the Care for may also be freely adjusted.Adjustment range: 115 – 140 cm Length Pack Size: 62 cm Weight: 290 g.

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The remainder of the pole is fairly standard. There is a nice foam grip, a basket that has a pointy end on it, and a wrist strap that is very comfortable. A socket joint and ball is used for adjusting the angle of the basket to the ground, which is a very useful feature to have. While in use, 115cm is the shortest length that the pole goes to, but there are others that may be set down to 105cm (there is a compact Expedition version that extends from 105cm to 130cm).

In order to collapse the pole, the middle section is unscrewed so that the pole can be folded in half. The packed size of the pole is 63cm, which is fairly long. Komperdell does make other poles that will collapse all the way down to 41cm. The poles are also quite heavy at 610g for the pair. Komperdell does make other poles that are as light as 364g per pair. It basically comes down to how much you need to be able to easily adjust the length of your poles while on the move. It is a tough decision to make.

For me personally, the benefit’s don’t outweigh all of the drawbacks. However, for some users I’m sure that this length adjustment feature is something they have been searching for.

Final Verdict

For people who use poles on a regular basis, innovative length adjustment might be ideal for them, especially when crossing over variable terrain; however, the drawbacks of packed size and weight might mean that the Komperdell Expedition isn’t every user’s top pick.