With the Pure Hydration AquaPure Traveller you can collect and drink water when it has been safely filtered. The AquaPure comes with a filter that is screwed on the top of the bottle. When it gets to the end of its useful life, it can easily be replaced. You never have to worry about needing to throw away the bottle.

As with other modern filters, no chemicals are required to remove any viruses or debris. This system creates water that is so safe to drink it has approval from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.


To use it just remove the filter cap, collect the water and drink it through the filter cap. You can get approximately 350 litres of water filtered which is a bit less than other filter bottles. It is still plenty for several treks and outdoor adventures.

Easy to use, it does not rely on batteries, pumps or pipes. If you need to collect lots of water and filter it, you are limited to the small size of the bottle. But, if you need something that lets you collect water as you hike and filter it, this is the perfect item to have safe drinking water at the ready.