The Black Diamond Iota weighs only 55g and is a compact torch. It comes with a built-in battery that can be charged via USB and one LED that provides a 40m beam and 150 lumens of light. There is only one button and when you keep pressure on it the power changes. However, you are only provided with 2 hours worth of light on maximum power. The head tilts, but there are others that are more positive. So it does have drawbacks, but the torch does provide sufficient light for camping and walking. 4/5


The small torch is well-finished and neat. It has a profiled and textured power but, but when you are wearing gloves it isn’t as obvious as some others are. The battery cannot be changed on the hill, so it will have to be charged in between walks. One drawback is its head tilt, since it doesn’t ratchet as neatly or securely through as wide a range of positions compared to some other torches. 4/5


This torch is very comfortable to use since the Black Diamond Iota is so light and small. The torch is very comfortable against one’s forehead, although there are some torches that have extra padding that makes them even more comfortable if you are really choosy. The tilt is quite gentle so no discomfort is created. The Iota overall is among the least noticeable on your head and nice to wear. 5/5


In use

When it is inside your rucksack you won’t notice it, but when it is on full power the torch provides sufficient light to make it fairly easy to make your way down paths at night. It is perfect for camping on a lower power setting, but receive just 2 hours worth of burn time when it is on full power. Also, the batteries can’t be replaced while in transit. Another drawback is the head tilt doesn’t lock nearly as well as some others. 3/5


You pay for the technology that punches lots of light out for low bulk and weight. However, if low weight isn’t a priority for you, then this is an expensive option. 3/5

Final Verdict

This is the perfect torch for leaving in your pack all year long. However, there are more useful options than the Black Diamond Iota for regular long days where longer burn times and more power are needed. 3.8/5