This is the most recent version of the Hubba Hubba from MSR. The Next Generation (NX) is made with lighter materials and has a weight of right under 1795g. That is pretty remarkable given the fact that this tent has a very large porch with entrances on both sides. It has an inner-first pitch, so the inner might get wet when pitched while it is raining. The skeleton of poles form a frame with the inner suspended from it. The fly overs over the top and the narrow webbing has ladder-lock adjusters which helps to tension the tent’s structure, which one erected is very stable. The flysheet does not reach all the way to the ground, so with really windy and wet conditions the weather might drive underneath the flysheet’s edges.


MSR Hubba NX Tent

Ultralight: Minimum weight is 1.12 kg
Fast & Light® options from .73 kg
Maximum Space: Head and elbow room throughout tent

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The tent has outstanding living space with both porches having plenty of room and great headroom throughout the interior. There are twin zip pulls on the outer doors, so that you can open them from the bottom or top. The top areas of the inner have mesh, which is excellent for airflow, but colder in windier and cooler weather. When the MSR Hubba Hubba NX is pitched in dry, calm, warm conditions then it is great. However, in windy, wet, and cold weather other tent have advantages over it – except in terms of living space, weight, and price.

Final Verdict

The space, weight, and price of the MSR Hubba Hubba NX are outstanding for two. However there are other tents available that are better for windier, wet, and cold conditions.