For a delightful and cherished vacation with family and friends one should opt for Camping. Camping trips allows you to spend a great amount of time with your near and dear ones and also calms as well as soothes you. Look into these camping trip tips if you want to enjoy a beautiful and contented camping vacation with your loved ones:

A rainfly is absolutely essential. It is a tarpaulin that spreads over the tent top, thus making your tent water- proof. Often tents come with a rainfly that coats the tent along with the windows and doors. However, the windows can be opened for air circulation and also does not let the water seep in.

Spread a groundsheet on the floor of your tent such that water, dirt or pointed, prickly substances like sticks and rocks do not hurt you. You can use a plastic canvas as your groundsheet. Check that your groundsheet canvas is the of the same shape as your tent and also a trifle smaller in comparison to your floor space such that water does not accumulate by the sides of your tent.

In case you have recently bought your tent or your tent has been lying around unused for quite sometime , the do put up your tent and examine it. Confirm that the line of stitching and the edging are all in perfect order. Also see that you are not leaving out either the poles or the stakes. Apply a good seam sealer on the tent’s stitching annually. If the tent has endured a rain shower , then you can squirt a water repellent on the outer surface of the tent.

When camping, it is advisable that you choose a nice, even ground where you can set up your tent. Do not camp either on sandbars or in regions that are prone to flashfloods. Also , avoid pitching on submerged, deeply drawn tracts of land or even huge dents as is these plots are sites of water accumulation and this water will seep in thorough the floor of your tent.

When pinning your tent to the ground, use a mallet that is specially made for driving tent stakes or a hammer to make sure that your tent stands firmly on the ground.

Aluminum posts are usually very strong as well as powerful and thus, are known for their sturdiness and resilience. Hence they become the first option when one chooses to camp on gravel campsites that are so often found on campgrounds. Do check that your tent is firmly pinned to the ground and then hit the sack. Check the posts everyday.

If you plan to go camping in summer, then refrain from camping in spots that are close to stagnant water depots. Accumulated water is the breeding place of mosquitoes and other biting insects. In case you choose to opt for a screened shelter like the Coleman Insta – clip Screenhouse , that , too , would be a good idea as the screened shelters keep you away from creepy, crawly creatures, as well as from the rain and the sun.

The sheltered tents are perfect for mealtimes, also if you want to sit indoor and yet enjoy the surroundings.

Carry a whip or a broom with you on your trip. It is necessary for you to maintain the inner part of your tent spick and span, clear of gravels and other dirt. A doormat or a piece of carpet can be put outside your tent such that all of you can dab your feet on it and then get into the tent.

Once your camping vacation is over, clear your tent of all mud and dust and then pack up the dry tent. Pull out the posts and poles with the help of some special stake puller or a small ring of strung rope. Do not forget to put back the stakes and the poles into their rightful bag spaces.

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