Due to its light weight of only 1810g, the Wild Country Zephyros 2 tent is very to use on backpacking trips. The outer is pitched first and there is a long porch along one of the sides of the tent that provides an entrance. There is a second door on the opposite side in the back to provide another entry point. Another impressive feature at this price is the flysheet that is made out of PU-coated polyester ripstop material. 5/5


There is only one main pole that pitches the Wild Country Zephyros 2. It slides through the sleeve located on the outer and then a set of vertical poles on each of the ends fit inside of the outer to provide extra foot and head room. The pegging points are basic elastic bungees instead of the more useful and heavier ladder-lock webbing buckles. There is more practice required for pitching compared to other tents. The porch is also very narrow. 3/5


Living space

Due to the narrow porch, it does result in a more limited rucksack space after you account for the fact that you will need to be able to enter and exit the tent and there is just one porch. However, on the opposite side is a second entrance point, which is quite useful. The headroom is 95cm. However, it drops quite rapidly and in all directions, and is very low on the both ends of the 230cm length inner. For two people, the 112cm width is quite ‘cosy.’ 3/5

In use

The 1819g weight and 54 x 14cm packed size are both outstanding on the Wild Country Zephyros 2. However, the pitching involves more work, there is less room inside for two, and it is not as stable as other tent. For a one night outing the drawbacks might be overruled by its weight advanced. However, one a multiple night trip – especially in bad weather – you might prefer to have something sturdier and larger. 4/5


This tent costs £150 and weighs just 1810g, which makes it an outstanding value. Although the space is on the tight side, with the proper conditions this is an excellent option. 5/5


For one night use, this tent is an outstanding lightweight option at a very competitive price. However, for more varied weather conditions or multiple nights, there are other options that are more advantageous. It won the ‘Best Value’ award from Trail. 4/5