For 40 years Vango has remained one of the leading designers and manufacturers of high-quality tents with durability and reliability that has made the brand highly popular. They are one of the most forward-thinking designers of camping equipment with innovations such as the TBS Banding System which adds stability to their tents. The company actually started out as canvas makers called Andrew Mitchell & Co, owned by the Moodie family from west Scotland from 1898. In 1963 they acquired the services of a tentmaker from James McIllwraith & Co based in the town of Govan and started designing and manufacturing tents. The name Vango is actually an anagram for Govan. After a final buy-out of the last 25% share owned by the Moodies, Vango is now fully owned by the AMG Group.

Vango Sirocco 200

The Solis range of tents has been designed with plenty of ventilation for use in warmer conditions. The tent walls are made of vented mesh fabric while the lower parts are cleverly made of solid fabric to prevent drafts. The Vango Sirrocco 200 is a versatile 2-berth lightweight tent with many technical features that are perfect for the camper who prefers lightweight camping. This variable pitch tent is suitable for use in a multitude of weather conditions. For maximum versatility, the Sirocco 200 can be used with just the inner tent pitched on a clip-on groundsheet for coping with warmer weather. For the more variable weather conditions such as those in the U.K., the inner tent is pitched first before the main tent.


Thanks to the crossing pole sections, the Sirocco 200 has a semi-geodesic design that creates a solid tent structure. It is ideal for use by scouts, backpackers, and students requiring a lightweight but reliable backpacking tent. The Sirrocco is the lightest and smallest tent in the Solis range weighing 2.782 kg and sells for around £180.

The Sirrocco 200 is easy to pitch by slipping the poles through the sleeves around the inner tent that forms the unique free-standing geodesic design. A flysheet goes over the top and is attached with ladder-lock clips for easy tensioning. An ample supply of guy lines ensures that the structure of the tent is extremely stable to cope with any inclement weather conditions that a wild night on the British mountainside can throw at you.

The front-entry door opens out onto a porch with enough space for two rucksacks for those adventurous enough to sleep outside. The entrance opens from the top or the bottom and there is a window to let in the light. The inner tent door opens to one side and there is enough headroom when sitting up. Most of the inner tent is made of mesh which makes it more comfortable in warm weather conditions but can become chilly when the weather turns cold. There are extra vents on the sides of the flysheet for increased airflow. A gap around the ground and the flysheet makes this a well-ventilated tent all around.

The Vango Sirrocco 200 is an excellent choice in terms of space, ease of pitching, and stability making it ideal for those who travel to remote areas and need a lightweight tent. It is versatile enough to use in any type of weather conditions. The weight of 2.782 kg may be an issue for some, but if lower weight is a priority you may have to fork out more money.