Planning the nitty-gritty of a camp trip from beforehand can prevent you and your family from immense stress.

The trick is to assign each family member with a function and the collective effort ensures that all have a good time.

A camping trip poses difficulties for children below the age of three. Most of the hiking activities like hiking and canoeing are not viable options for them. Therefore one adult also has to make a sacrifice by staying back with the kids and making sure that none of them gets into danger.

Even if your children are older the one question that strikes your mind is whether they are actually sufficiently old to

derive pleasure out of the trip. You must enquire whether the campground offers any interesting activities for your children or whether any adjacent facility actually does.

It might be necessary to make prior reservations for certain camping activities that need advance booking for logistic reasons, perhaps having a ceiling barring the number of times you may use them or the number of items made available to a family. These include boats, horseback riding, and fishing licenses.

A little bit of effort here helps you to save time and greater effort, and also helps you with the requisite information making possible a great time for your family.

Campgrounds may have quite a few small towns, which can offer a diverse variety of interests and activities to the camper needing a change of scene. The library, park and chamber of commerce are good places to enquire at.

Perhaps the nearest small town to your camping ground has a rich and fascinating history that would be rare pleasure to discover. You could opt for a small local museum or a guided tour to enlighten you and your family.

Packing books, CDs and DVDs for the trip is a good option that can prevent any untoward incident (like a fight between the children) from happening. This way they are kept busy during the car ride and are not subject to sheer boredom.

Schedule bathroom breaks every once in awhile, both for children as well as the adults. This gives them an opportunity to stretch their legs, walk around for a bit, and feel rejuvenated.

And fun activities should not only be restricted to the children, the adults too should enjoy a well-deserved break. So they should have their sort of fun activities lined up for them.