Camping is often defined as the act of spending time outdoors, braving the elements, away from the benefits and warmth of “civilization”. As a form of recreation, it has grown over the years, bringing friends and families closer to each other, making it one of the most popular of outdoor activities in the world.

Over the years, camping equipment have come into the market, giving campers the best comforts they could get while experiencing the great outdoors. “Roughing it” becomes a little less rough with the implementation of the various camping equipment available in the market, with sleeping bags as being among the most “picked and selected” of camping equipment.

Sleeping bags basically run ideal with the whole premise of camping. Easy to roll out, as well as to roll up, sleeping bags are designed not only to be comfortable and warm, but are also tough enough to deal with the outdoor world.

They are light, easy to carry, and are generally compact, giving campers more space to put other necessary camping equipment inside their backpacks.

Here are two of the most popular sleeping bags available in the market today.

Aztec Teclite 700 Sleeping Bags

A 1-2 season type of sleeping bag, the Aztec Teclite 700 Sleeping bag is among the most lightweight of sleeping bags weighing .75 kilograms. It isn’t exactly a winter type sleeping bag, as it is designed for summer and warmer outdoor days. It is known to perform well in the United Kingdom’s climate, and is often used by campers whose particular interests involve adventuring outdoors, as well as summer adventure racing enthusiasts.

The sleeping bag’s outer material is made with 210T Ripstop nylon, with its inner material 290T micro polyester. It is a single layer sleeping bag, stitched through its construction. Its “warming element” is a microfibre filling, and comes with a two-way zipper system, which has luminous zip-pulls. It comes in two versions, for left and right handed persons.

It is quite the sleeping bag campers are sure to find impressive.

The Coleman Emmons X0 Mummy

The Coleman Emmons X0 Mummy stands to be the sleeping bag for those who prefer to experience the outdoors during colder days. Made with 2110T, 70D Nylon Ripstop material, the Coleman Emmons X0 Mummy comes with an anti-microbial treatment, which basically inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria. Weighing 4 lbs, the Coleman Emmons X0 Mummy is basically belongs to the “hard core” variety of sleeping bags, which could keep campers warm even in cold temperatures.

Campers have seen the Coleman Emmons X0 Mummy to be quite the sleeping bag.

Of course, there are other sleeping bags out there made by other manufacturers of sleeping bags. The two mentioned above are simply among the most “stand outs” of sleeping bags, known for their overall quality and comfort.