As a recreational activity camping stands tall along with other outdoor activities like hiking and backpacking. Camping excursions provide campers with the opportunity to get away from “civilization” for quite an amount of time. Unlike hiking, where hikers get to “visit” the great outdoors, camping stands to give camping enthusiasts more time with nature, spending a day or even more out with the wonders of Mother Nature.

Backpacking, another popular form of recreational outdoor activities stands to be an amalgam between camping and hiking. The difference therein with backpacking and camping is that ideally backpackers have to travel really light, considering that they have a hiking trail or a hiking path to consider.

With camping, one could simply drive to a campsite, park where parking is allowed, and start pitching up tent, which is one of the most basic of camping equipment, along with other items like survival knives and heavy duty flashlights. The thing with camping is that one just cannot pitch camp anywhere. Normally camping areas are defined by law, with outside defined areas restricted for camping activities. These laws are basically geared to protect the environment, keeping campers away from doing any damage.

As a recreational activity, the 20th Century accepted camping for the sheer premise behind it. From public parks to publicly owned areas to privately owned campgrounds, the range of camping venues have simply grown along with the growing popularity of camping.

Camping could be easily defined into two types. Recreational and Survivalist. Survivalist camping basically runs on the premise with campers bringing the more “basics” of essentials, leaving survivalist campers to deal with the outdoors, old school style.

Recreational camping could be often defined along with a various range of camping activities, which are basically fun, fun, fun. Bottom line, camping in itself could be the whole activity, all in all, but is often complemented with other outdoor activities like fishing, swimming, and some hiking. The hiking here though is different from the hiking in backpacking.

People may spend their camping in permanent cabins, while others simply pitch tent in approved campsites. Examples of permanent cabins could include the ever popular Sumer Camps, as well as Hunting Camps, but the benefit of these “facilities” aren’t exactly considered as a “camping excursion”.
Occasionally referred to as “roughing it”, camping is truly one fun filled activity, ideal for friends and family, loved for generations and generations to come.