Although the Alphkit Kraku is practically identical to the £25 priced Fire Midge Titanium, it only costs £20. However, you can only purchase it online. They both weigh 45g and the design of the folding pan supports helps to ensure that the burner folds into a very compact 5×3.5x3cm packed size. For easier use, a rotating flame control is available. To help keep the weight down, piezo ignition is not included. 4/5


Although the folding supports are nice, they extend to just 9cm diameter. Therefore, the Alpkit Kraku is only well-suited for small pans. This stove is very compact, thanks to its folding flame control, however, it is also fairly short to adjust the flame you need to get very close. The pan supports also are somewhat wobbly, so it isn’t the most stable option for having a pan of boiling water on the stove. The best feature of the stove is its 45g weight. 4/5

Ease of use

This stove is fairly easy to use, like most gas burners that screw on directly. All you need to do is screw the burner to the canister, get the pan supports opened, and then turning it on and using a fire starter or match to light it. The wobbly, small pan supports mean you have to make sure it isn’t leaning over and it stable since wind can have a large impact and will need to be blocked. So although it is light weight, some care must be taken in order to use it. 4/5


On the hill

Make sure it is packed somewhere safe so that you don’t lose it. For stability, level ground will be needed, which isn’t always easy to find out in the wild. You will also need to have something for blocking the wind. The 2cm small diameter burner results in a tendency for the pan to have a localised hot spot, but the typical boil times are about 3 minutes per litre, with plenty of variation, depending on what your specific conditions are. 4/5


The Alpkit Kraku costs £5 less to the Robens Fire Midge Titanium, which is identical, and is also a lot cheaper compared to most other stoves, so it is a good value. 4/5

Final Verdict

The Alpkit Kraku is ideal if you would like to have a super lightweight gas burner for solo backpacking at a bargain price. 4.2/5